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Rain Wi-Fi. The world’s first rain-powered 4G-router

The campaign was aimed at residents of St. Petersburg who actively use mobile internet. Research helped Tele2 identify local insights that are particularly relevant to the people of St. Petersburg:

Many historic buildings have courtyards that do not receive any mobile internet signal.
Additionally, the city is very humid, with 200 rainy days per year in St. Petersburg.
Residents often have to hide from the rain in these old courtyards without being able to use mobile internet. Tele2 took into account that their target audience cannot live without mobile internet and installed their 4G generators where other mobile operators do not have coverage.

The system works quite simply: the device is installed in the rain gutter, then the rainwater activates a turbine that generates electricity, and the 4G router provides Wi-Fi. The technology will be patented (Application No. 309515310).

Art-Director & Production

Rain Wi-Fi —

The world’s first 4G router that turns rain into free internet for residents caught in the rain in areas of the city where mobile internet is not available.

Brand name: TELE2
Advertiser / client: Tele2
Product / service: Communication Chanel
Campaign name: Rain Wi-Fi
Agency network: GEOMETRY GLOBAL
Agency: Geometry Global, Moscow
Additional company: Tele2
Production company: BC COM
Web address: http://rainwifi.ru/
Executive creative director:
Oleg Tumanov
Art director: Oleg Sergeev
Copywriter: Elena Solovieva
Account director (agency): Alexey Kostenko
Client account director: Tatyana Simakova
Strategic planner / strategist: Olga Belyaeva
Film production: Studio 2.35
Director: Dmitriy Tupirin
Director of photography: Konstantin Silakov
Digital production: Affect
Additional company: Chief Executive Officer: Maria Kovaleva Chief Creative Officer EMEA: Howard Smiedt Art Curator: Anastasia Tumanova
Art Director: Dave Gold
Planning Director: Olga Kazmina Account Executive: Maria Shestaeva Junior Producer: Anna Guseva