TheScience is the oldest scientific publishing house in the Russia and one of the largest in the world. Its history dates back to 1727 when the Academic Typography was established as the publishing arm of the Academy of Sciences. Currently, the Publishing House consists of two active printing enterprises. The publishing house also has its own book distribution network called Academic Bookstore.
I created the visual identity and brand guidelines for the oldest publishing house in Russia. The brand book features a redesigned visual appearance that references its history while making it applicable to the present time.


Colors are used according to the 60, 30, 10% scheme. The main color is white, symbolizing a clean sheet of paper.


The optimal font style used is Exo 2.


The logo can be used without the symbol (ribbon with satellite) depending on the composition and materials used.


The satellite redesign in 2023 is an image that visualizes the flow of time, the dynamism of science, brand refreshment, and deepening of knowledge.


Adding a bookmark element that has always been recognizable and undeniably associated with books, magazines, and knowledge. A prominent and memorable element.


The pattern, as an additional element, provides balance to the composition and emphasizes the overall identity. The pattern consists of letters (representing reading) that form scientific formulas (representing science), among which the name of the publishing house is composed.


Logo and Brand Identity Applied to Merchandise: Explore my portfolio to see how I bring logos and brand elements to life on merchandise, creating cohesive and impactful experiences.
Application Example of a Brand Mark on Building Facade


These examples demonstrate how all identity elements can be successfully applied to merchandise, creating a consistent and compelling brand experience.


A few examples of applying a style to documents