Slide Water's Edge — Непринуждённая атмосфера жизни у воды и естественные образы в коллекции от York Wallcoverings. 01 Slide Besana — Современные коллекции текстильных (нитевых) обоев Besana, от итальянского производителя Arlin, превосходно раскрывают заданные тематики каталогов. 02
Slide Crown — Компания Crown Wallpaper,основанная в 1839 году, предлагает широкий ассортимент современных решений для стильных интерьеров. 03 Slide Lincrusta — Уникальный скульптурный материал для декорирования поверхностей. Производится в Англии с 1877 года. 04
наши коллекции opusdeco

Brand identity (brand book and guidelines) development for the company, including creating the identity, logo, color scheme, printed materials, website, and social media guidelines.
The company Opus Deco has been a leader in the decorative materials market for over 25 years. Opus Deco offers the widest range of elite wall coverings from leading manufacturers from around the world. The assortment includes more than 200 exclusive in-stock and custom-made collections, varying in style, texture, and composition.


Are made up of graphics that visually represent the brand name or function. These can be icons, illustrations or shape compositions that are instantly recognizable as something specific.


A pattern consisting of the letters of the company name with shapes that are consistent with the overall brand identity.


Developing a modern and adaptive website for company with a unique augmented reality (AR) function that allows to view products in your own space. Now you can easily and conveniently see how our products will look in your interior without leaving your home!