/Glo brand identity

BrandBook & Guides

Development of a Brand Book for the company Glo. Elaboration and creation of guidelines for web and SMM.

  • Identity
  • BrandBokk
  • GuidLines
  • Photos and materials for Web & SMM

As part of my portfolio, I have worked on developing a comprehensive brand book for Glo company. This involved creating detailed guidelines for their web presence, social media marketing, and overall brand identity. My work on this project included extensive research and collaboration with the client to ensure that the final product accurately reflected their vision and values. The resulting brand book provides a clear and cohesive framework for all aspects of Glo’s branding, enabling them to maintain a consistent and effective message across all platforms.
Art-Director, Designer, Photographer (360)

Colors and Textures. Approach to Glo device product design through color codes.


Photography and video content for SMM


Creation of black and white creatives targeting the premium segment, in the style of silver and dark Glo devices.

Piece of Art

Unconventional compositions and artistic photography.


Professional translation for portfolio: Photography and graphics featuring textured materials, technology, and natural elements such as the device and real tobacco.

People and device.

Visual approach with real people. Ability to understand the size of the device and interact with the consumer.