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Colors Colors are used according to the 60, 30, 10% scheme. The main color is white, symbolizing a clean sheet of paper. Font The optimal font style used is Exo 2. Logo The logo can be used without the symbol (ribbon with satellite) depending on the composition and materials used. Sign The satellite redesign in [...]
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The Second

Logotype The logo consists of parts of chat bubbles, a dollar sign, and the letter S - theSecond. App The application TheSecond for mobile devices.
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Crypto AD

/Pepe Bridge A universal decentralized cross-chain communication protocol. Advertising is cryptocurrency success. Advertising is key to launching a successful cryptocurrency. Without a solid marketing strategy, even the best cryptocurrencies may struggle to gain traction. Effective advertising can increase visibility, attract investors, and help establish credibility in the market. Embrace the power of advertising to give [...]
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Logotype Are made up of graphics that visually represent the brand name or function. These can be icons, illustrations or shape compositions that are instantly recognizable as something specific. Pattern A pattern consisting of the letters of the company name with shapes that are consistent with the overall brand identity. Digital Developing a modern and [...]
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Safety Direction of gifts on the theme of safety. The entire visual style is described in the form of code and numbers, with an element of a safe lock. Harmony Calendar This calendar is a small sculpture that visually balances on the edge of physics. All stones made of paper mache have a realistic texture [...]
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GLO COLOURS Colors and Textures. Approach to Glo device product design through color codes. Photography Photography and video content for SMM BLACK Creation of black and white creatives targeting the premium segment, in the style of silver and dark Glo devices. Piece of Art Unconventional compositions and artistic photography. MIXED Professional translation for portfolio: Photography [...]
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Yandex Games

Developers can publish games in our catalog completely for free, and you can earn money on ads and in-game purchases. Get connected to our open platform for desktop and mobile HTML5 browser games. Every game in our catalog is automatically advertised on the Yandex Advertising Network and Yandex portal. This is free for all games [...]
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Gallery Иди по плиткам не наступая на линии стыков. Если на пути препятствие - обойди, если есть обувь – наступи ;)
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